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Cannot emphasize how great this shop is. Our family owns a small business and recently began looking to add a diesel truck to our operations. At early stages of growth, businesses need to be mindful of expenses (and returns on expenses), so the decisions of which diesel truck to buy, how to repair/maintain it, and how reliable it would be for time sensitive obligations; were all absolutely critical. We found a couple of truck options, did as much research as we could (to our surprise, very little online content on the subject matters we were looking into), and called as many truck repair centers as we could in the Bay Area. And then I got a hold of George. George is the owner of the business, and services lots of large businesses by helping them repair and maintain their fleets. This didn't stop him from spending 45 minutes on the phone talking to me (a company in startup mode, that doesn't even own a truck yet) about potential truck problems, maintenance considerations, environmental and regulatory obligations, and more ... He also took the time to share his thoughts on gas vs. diesel, types of diesel trucks, and foreseeable repair costs. He was very honest with me, and knew his stuff. He also is well connected with other industry experts that can help you get in touch with other truck repair experts, including those that can help with lift gates and box replacements. At the end of our call, all of his helpful advice lead us to make our investment decision, and we plan on retaining George + Company for all of our truck repair and service needs. If you own a truck, or need a diesel expert - this is the shop to work with!